Becoming a CPA and have my own accounting firm is what I dreamed before. I think it will be only part of my dream and won’t come in reality. To become a CPA is not an easy thing as you know. It involves hard work and determination to achieve the goal. Aside from that you must also good in analytical skills. From taking the course till the board examination is such a long journey, but in the end surely there’s a good future and life that waits for you as a CPA. You can work in big accounting firms, big establishments, banks and so many others. Mostly I know who are now a CPA starts their own small business cpa. Well, if you have the capital and enough support so why not have your own business, right? The money is there especially that there are now many individuals who are looking for accountants to help them with their business from processing licensing till taxes payments.

Small Business CPA

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