I am happy for my friend from the province who got married to a kindhearted, smart rich guy from the U.S. After 6 months of their marriage they both decided to live in Dallas, TX for good and start building there the family that they both wanted. My friend is so lucky because she finally met her ideal dream guy to spend for the rest of her life. I think they both reserve one another because both of them are so kind.

The last time I talked to my friend was just 2 weeks ago. I found out that they already have 4 beautiful children. She showed me her family pictures and we spent more time talking through Yahoo Messenger. The advancement of our technology is such a big help especially to those who have friends from miles away. So she invited me to come for the grand opening of their business which is located beside in one of the Dallas Pawn Shops in their area. Sad to say I can’t come because I don’t have the means as of now to buy for the plane ticket. If I’ll be earning more in my online jobs maybe I could go but only the opening of another business branch and that is located beside in one of Austin Pawn Shops. Actually I am so excited to earn more online because I’ll be using the money to visit my far away friend. Well, I have to work hard once again.

Plan of Visiting my Friend

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