I’ve mentioned in my other blog that my camera is now no good. There are lines appearing every time you’ll take some shots. I don’t know what’s the problem is. So I am not using it because it’s really no good. The brand of it is Canon and it was my first digicam ever and was given by hubby. It was around more than PhP10,000 when it was first released to the country. Last year when I went to the Canon repair center they said the unit is already faced out. Waaaahh! Why? The unit is Powershot A140. So far I am satisfied with its performance except the lines appearing.

I am planning of getting a new one from my online earning money. And this Canon IXUS 105 is my prospect to get. I like it because it has a wide screen. It’s 12.1 mega pixels and zoom is 4x. Well, I think it is quite good.

Canon IXUS 105

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