Golf is a social sport that any individual would love to enjoy. I never played golf in my whole life. I want to try it if there is someone who is willing to teach me and would pay in my behalf. Of all the sports golf is the most I am really curious about. Actually I never had been tried stepping on in any golf course but seen on TV of course many times. If you love golf of I’m sure you will also love also Golf Platzreife. Are you quite familiar with that word? If you don’t, by now you better get familiar with it because who knows if they will sponsor you to play Golf for free in any golf course in the town. I’m sure you won’t run away if you will be invited to, am I right?

Anyway, when I went to the mall yesterday I rode the public vehicle van not the taxi to economize my expenses. I don’t want to spend more this time especially just for transportation because I am still on going with the project, not just a project guys it involves financial matter. So while I was inside the van there are 3 people who are very noisy conversing about outing because they want to play golf. I heard the first man he says he badly misses golf and he can not wait next week to play. Well I think the three belong to the wealthy family and just spend money without a single thought. And wait the 3rd guy says he wants to buy a share. Imagine a share? Well I think he wants the Golfshop too.

Golf is a Good Sport for you and Me

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