I’ve been an Adgitize advertiser for 3 months with the old price of $14. I have nothing to say about it except I’m very grateful for its result. Now that the network decided to raise their fees I also decided to quit for a while and just plainly become a publisher. So this month of December is my experiment process if how much I’m going to earn if I’ll daily post an article and make 100 clicks.So far here’s the data I gathered.

If in case I’ll continue what I’ve started and assuming I’ll be earning daily with .22 cents then see the result below

.22 x 30 days= $6.6 month.

Well, if we’re going to compare this to a PTC site which many are turning into scam lately, I better continue keep on clicking everyday and get paid every 2 months. I think it’s not that bad after all. What do you think?

If you have not started yet joining in Adgitize you better start the ball rolling now!

My New Experiment

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