The Computer that Slipped Away From My Fingers

I purchased an HP laptop two weeks ago week after my computer gave me a severe headache. Meaning, I couldn’t take its vulnerabilities anymore. Name the issues, fan, battery, so slow and so forth. So a lot to mention folks. The worst thing about it was it shuts down on its own because of overheating. Well, a computer overheating issue, the usual thing with aging laptop. Actually, my computer is just about 2 and a half years. My husband gave it to me, same thing also an HP product.

HP Pavillion 15.6" Laptop - Black (AMD A10-5745M / 1TB HDD / 8GB RAM / Windows 8.1)

To make the story short, I decided to purchase the laptop HP Pavillion 15.6″ Laptop – Black (AMD A10-5745M / 1TB HDD / 8GB RAM / Windows 8.1) two weeks ago at Future Shop.I was so happy with its overall performance, the RAM size, processor type, hard drive memory capacity, audio and with built-in optical drive. But, with just a wink of an eye, it easily vanished away. I decided to return it immediately due to a very crucial reason. I felt dismayed that I totally lost the unit because I bought it at the price of $505 instead of paying $700 plus as it was on sale.  Continue reading

How to Enable or Disable Thumbnail Previews in Folder Options

Days ago, when my computer turned vulnerable I decided to generally clean it up, from viruses, unnecessary files, unwanted programs, etc. After a long time I finally  did it and as well as confining it to the house of the technician for almost a week due to its vulnerabilities. Imagine that I had no computer for that time being. I had a tablet and an iPhone but still unproductive.

Anyway, as part of computer vulnerabilities, there were some settings on my computer that were changed just like when viewing photos from my folder instead of displaying the file icon on thumbnails it shifted to show icons, never thumbnails. Although this is just a minor change, but I found it so annoying. Why? Because every time I’m going to view or find a single image this is what will display from my folder. And so time consuming!

Icons on thumbnails


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School is back and parents surely just had a huge expense for their children’s school supplies, clothing, books, etc. You know those school necessities are not that cheap, especially that prices are kept soaring all the time. How I wish we could just stop sometime spending money. I find it heartbreaking, especially when we spend beyond our means and then later we’ll just find out that we are already floating in debt.

Well, so much for that spending matter. Now how about winning time? If you’d love to win something, then this awesome $1,000 back to school giveaway is right for you. Don’t waste your time, join now!  Continue reading